Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inspired as an Infant!

Here I am a bit younger ! Guess I've always loved the beach!
The ocean shows up in my work constantly as a theme.
I think it influences me in less obvious ways as well.
The colors ,movement and shapes of the sea keep coming into my designs.
Was I just born with this attraction to the ocean
or did it slowly develop over time ?
How do we decide what things we are passionate about ? Do we really decide ?
Does passion just happen? When we create art, do we always knowingly
call on our favorite inspirations ? Or do our inspirations guide our hands without our even realizing it?
Goodness ! I'm feeling pretty serious today !!!!
Maybe all this deep thinking will influence me to create masterpiece !
I'll just have another cup of coffee ...
and think about it some more......
:) m.e.

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