Saturday, May 16, 2009

Capture a Rainbow

It's been raining far to long at my house.I'm longing for some sunshine . But ,I do like a rainy day now and then.I find them rather restful . I think the sound of rain falling is soothing . Gray sky's and dampness seem like an invitation to relax ...put chores on hold til the weather "clears up "
Can't weed the garden or work outside... can't really notice the dust build up inside... good excuse to play with clay all day! And best of all ,the magic of clay let my capture a rainbow !!! Now that I have hold of it ..what to make ??? What can one make out of pieces of rainbow ? I wonder what mother nature does with all of her used one's ? Maybe she makes butterflies.....

I'll be back Monday to post some sort of rainbow creation .
if anybody is out there reading this ...
Happy Weekend to you !
: ) m.e.

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