Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No's to Nose

Most of my creations are made with color blends dreamed up for the design I happen to be working on. I really love the freedom of playing with colors that suit my mood . However, custom orders almost always call for specific colors . For exact matches, snippets of fabric, paper etc can be snail mailed to be used as a guide . But, there are times I must rely on my monitor.
Case in point ...can't send a dog nose through the mail ! The photos for this bride's nose made it look gray( top photo shows nose #1 )
In fact, bride is a "red nosed" pit .The customer requested I change the nose color if possible . Ahhhh, the wonder of polymer clay ! With the help of a surgical blade ,liquid clay and a little re-baking ..nose job complete ! Nose # 2 ( bottom photo ) is the now correct shade !
I have worked with dogs for many years and presently work as a veterinary receptionist .
I decided to match my "nose clay" to a dog at work, instead of going by the picture on my computer screen . The human bride was pleased with the result. Her wedding cake topper is on it's way to her right now . A happy outcome for customer and me !
but, it does make me think ...
in life
should we be influenced by what something seems to be ...or as we believe it to be ?
Is reality what is is or what we think it is?

who knows how a nose got me thinking about this........
:D m.e.

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