Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chasing Rainbows

Happy Monday!
No, you're not bleary eyed from the weekend....this photo is really fuzzy!!!
Only a few more days until my daughter finishes her exams.Then she has graciously promised to give me photography lessons ! Thank goodness !!!

Friday's rainbow turned into a "tussie mussie" brooch.
This brooch holds enough water for a tiny bouquet . I "borrowed " the buttercups from my neighbors lawn!
When I first started using polymer clay, I was selling herbs at local farmers markets. I created these pins as a way for my customers to enjoy fragrant herbs wherever they went. That was long before I knew about skinner blends ,or any of the myriad of fancy and faux techniques I love to play with now.The rainbow inspired me to rethink my original design .Same concept ..tweaked and tinkered with !
Old ideas given new life ideas being born ..ever dreaming of the next compelling project...
Art maybe like chasing rainbows
if we think too much about that pot of gold ..we risk overlooking the true wonder of the process
:) m.e

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