Monday, May 11, 2009

come see cute kitten !

things to do today :

figure out
how in the world you get people to read your blog ?
do you just say to your friends ...
" I'll look and yours and you look at mine " ?
WAIT !!!
I think we used to call that playing doctor !
when I was five my mom told me NOT to do that !!!
I know ..
nobody can resist an adorable kitten
and I just happen to have one !
meet the newest member of my family " Poly-mewer "
"Poly "for short
I apologize for the overly cutesie name .. if I had adopted a male I would have named him Clay

Poly is my littlest helper

my fur family is a big source of artistic inspiration and moral support
I wonder ...
why can't we claim pet food as a business expense ? ? ?
:) m.e.

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