Thursday, May 28, 2009

free with every purchase

Think about what medium an artists uses...what materials are included in a piece.
It's never just the clay,paint ,paper etc.... it is also a little bit of heart and soul .
A part of ourselves goes into each and every creation .Even our simplest design needs a bit of the artist in it . I don't think the best techniques and supplies can produce any real creation without a bit of the artist mixed in . Sometimes this makes us feel vulnerable to criticism . Hard not to take it personally when your efforts are misunderstood or not appreciated.
But, WONDERFUL when you can share your inspiration with others !
I feel so gratified when even my tiniest creation let's me share a feeling or a smile with someone .

Maybe buyers don't stop to think that a little of the artist is included free with each purchase .
I guess it's the secret ingredient you don't really notice, like that like pinch of salt in the stew.
You may not see the heart and soul my daughter put into the photo above...but, look more closely..... she's in there !
;) m.e.

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  1. goog morn..
    such a wonderful post...
    the blog is a wonderful way to meet wonderful artists..
    so glad we popped in today..have a wonderful weekend
    mona & the gaffer girls