Monday, May 25, 2009

WHAT did you say !!!

The internet has created a whole new interpretation of the rules of etiquette.
We are now able to easily communicate with people all over the world !
We have an amazing way to sell,trade ,share and develop friendships.
I can sell something to a lady in Paris, share clay designs with someone in Israel ,chat about craft techniques with someone in Australia...all while sitting at home in my PJ's drinking my first cup of morning coffee !

But ,there is one thing to keep in mind ...our cyber friends can't see our expressions ,read our body language or hear our tone of voice. What we think we are communicating, may be totally misinterpreted !
This photo is of my dog Willy and new kitten Poly .
It looks like Poly is frightened to death !
But ,in truth she was just yawning when the photo was snapped !

So my friends ,if I think I am writing some very funny stuff..and you think I'm being rude..
Please forgive me .
If I think I am writing something brilliant and you think I'm writing something stupid
well...................I still may believe it's brilliant ! LOL!

As you browse around your wonderful cyber world ... if someone upsets you ,
take moment to reflect before you respond .
You might be getting angry when you really should just be yawning !
:) m.e.

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  1. This is so true! I try to be aware of this when I post,to make sure that my comment doesnt sound
    "wrong" in any way.