Saturday, October 29, 2011

Turkey Down the Road ...

Wild Turkeys

Turkey day is just down the road !
Then comes Christmas, Hanukkah and a host of other gift giving holidays!
This Season  is a busy time for everyone !
If you are like me ,you are trying to balance holiday preparation with sales of beadie goodies .
In between the extra cooking,decorating and gift buying there are shops and craft tables to keep filled ! Yikes!!!
I find on- line shopping is a true blessing !
I can shop at my my pj's  !!!
I can get just  what my grandchildren are wishing for and never have to face a crazy ,crowded toy store!
 I can support  "handmade" by purchasing from artists who create wonderful unique items !
Be sure to visit the
"First Annual Virtual Craft Show"  ~ Nov 26 -Dec 3
I'll have  a great give away you can win !
So will the other participants!

What about all those little "oops I forgot about them "
and " just because" gifts ?
Easy !!! Raid  your bead stash !
If you  are reading this blog I'll bet you have a HUGE one !
If you don't.... head straight to over ETSY right now ! LOL!!!

There are more things to make with beads than Forrest Gump had shrimp recipes !
bead bookmarks,bead key chains ,bead zipper pulls ,bead wine stoppers,bead fan pulls....etc....etc..........
And how about those hostess gifts ? What bottle of wine or dessert goodie wouldn't be improved with a fabulous  beadie embellishment?
My very favorite idea ? Tie One On ! What ???
You know, just tie a great bead on any big ,little ,special or ho hum gift with a beautiful ribbon or cord !
When the present is unwrapped the bead and tie become an instant necklace or special holiday ornament !
Even fruitcake is welcome ,if the box is embellished with a fabulous  beadie tie-on .
This is literally the time to think outside the box!!!!  LOL!!!
Think recycled  sari silk ,vintage trims ,suede cording , chain !
Anything that can be wrapped around a gift box !
In a pinch ,when you just need "a little something " the tie-on itself becomes the  gift !
Just slip one in a gift bag ! Volia ' instant present !!!
The trick is Do This Now !
Your life is not going to slow up in the next few weeks!
Gather up lots and lots of beads and ribbons .
Spend a restful evening watching a favorite movie and mix/match beads to ties.
EASY and FUN !
this week get a head start on Holiday gift giving !!!
Bead Happy !!!

ps: The turkey photo was taken by my  BFF who lives in the Pa. woods !
It's not easy to get close to wild  turkeys !!!
Thanks Michele for sharing !

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  1. Great ideas for extra beads. Sales are so slow I've got lots of time!