Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunshine Smile

Field  of Smiles

I am hesitant to say "I am inspired by nature"
That statement somehow seems so obvious and ordinary.
However, it is certainly true !
I am intrigued by the color blends, interesting forms and textures found in nature.
I usually look at the world through a macro lens .
Even when I scuba dive , I prefer to sit still  and wait for teeny critters to reveal themselves.
I enjoy hunting for the subtle ,small and often overlooked things around me.
But ,sometimes Mother Nature just shouts out loud and dazzles us!!!
Case in point ,this huge field of Sunflowers near my work place.
So glorious,  it just stops you in your tracks!!!
Sometimes there are almost as many people taking photos as there are flowers!!!
Everybody is always so friendly and happy !!!
How can you look and a Sunflower and not smile???
Sunflowers are not complex or  sophisticated .
Sunflowers are just plain and frankly FUN!!!
Nothing at all subtle or subdued about these cheerful blossoms!

If fact ,the Fall season is like that .
Bold , Bright and Beautiful !
Rich , not to be ignored bursts of color !
How can we help but be inspired !
The world that wore green all Summer is suddenly dressed in jewel tones and metallic splendor !
If you live where  the seasons don't change dramatically ,
the wonder of the internet can  let you share Autumn's fabulous fashion show!!!
Try to find even a single Sunflower to inspire you...
it's sure to make you smile!!!
this week forget  the subtle
enjoy Mother Nature's shout out of color
Bead Happy !!!


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