Saturday, October 15, 2011

Golden Autumn

Seasons seem to have colors all their own .
For me Summer is the season of gorgeous greens !
Springtime has a pastel palette.
Winter is about icy blues  and silver  tones.
In Autumn I think in  shades of Gold .

Folks who deal with  fashions must always think a season in advance .
I make beads for other people to use in jewelry creations ,
I really  must stay way ahead!!!
Right now I need to be finishing up Winter and thinking Spring!
But, the air is turning clear and cool .
The leaves are changing color.
Crisp apples and hot cider and back on my menu !
I have been working on Winter color combos .
Next week my yearly pointsetta beads will come to life .
Then I will start thinking in Spring least I will try my darnedest !
right  now my  world is glowing golden in the Autumn sunshine !
I just had to add metallic clay to each and every project !
Bright gold ,old gold and  brass enticed me !
I added the warm touch of Autumn Sun to my beads this week !!!

Are you are working on projects for the holiday market and coming craft shows ?
Are you creating with the gift giving Winter holidays  in mind ?
Or have you caught a touch of  Fall Fever ?
Fortunately the glow of golden  tones are beautiful all year .
If we indulge ourselves in the shades of Autumn ,
our jewelry will still look lovely in January, June and July!
This week
go for the Gold
Bead Happy !


  1. Gorgeous beads, of course! I just blogged about autumn today so I'm loving the reds and golds! Soon be time make some holiday lanyards. Then my favorite palette, spring pastels.

  2. I love fall and all the colors associated with it.