Saturday, September 24, 2011

Enjoy the Moment !!!

Three of my neighbors are developmentally disabled men who are also deaf . They are excellent neighbors , always ready to help with any project . One of my dogs was born deaf. He loves those neighbors because they speak to him with body language, something he can perfectly understand .
I love having those men as  neighbors too !
They constantly  help me to remember to enjoy each little moment of my day.

Occasionally hot air balloons float over my house.
I am usually too busy with daily chores to notice.
But, my neighbors never seem to miss seeing them !!!
They get so excited by those balloons,banging and hammering on my door to show me!!!!
This week, sure enough ,they came pounding on my door to show me a balloon!!! I'll admit, I was very busy and a bit annoyed to have to stop what I was doing .
They indicated they wanted me to take a picture for them .
I really didn't feel like taking the time  to drag out my camera.
But , I did take a photo for them.

While I was printing it , I found myself  admiring those clear  bright balloon colors . I was enjoy the change  from the subdued neutrals and muted autumn shades I have been working with .
So  I decided to take a break from seasonal beads and make a few primary brights !!!
The balloon was good bead inspiration and a nice break from my daily routine!
A  moment to celebrate color, beauty and the fantasy of a hot air balloon ride !!!

In this fast paced world we often forget to stop enjoy life's little moments. 
I am fortunate to have good neighbors who remind me to do so!
What might you be over looking as you hurry about your life ???
this week
slow down ..look around
enjoy the small moments
Bead Happy!

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  1. Thank you for sharing M.E., I needed this kind of reminder today!