Sunday, September 4, 2011

Found Jewels

It's time for the ABS monthly challenge !
This month we have a different sort of inspiration
it's not a painting's a quilt !!!
"Housetop"--twelve-block "Half-Logcabin"by
Lillie Mae Pettway, 1927-1990
Gee Bend's Quilter
I am amused and amazed that artists WILL make Art no matter what!!!
I don't think think they can help it!!! LOL!!!!
Lack of resources could not stop the Gee Bend quilters from expressing their individual creativity.
Utilitarian  quilts made from scraps at hand became works af Art!!!
In an effort to pay homage to this idea, I found a few art beads made from...well... scraps.
The women of Beads for Life create amazing multicolored beads from paper ! 
The perfect little mixes of color for this project !!!
 I added some of my new favorite beads.
Lovely textured creations made from birch tree bark !
And some bright " hand-painted rag  ribbon "
a  few wooden beads and a wonderful worn vintage spool completed my necklace.
I kept the bit of old thread on the spool for added color ,texture and just because I like thinking of what projects that lovely color might have been used in ...... 
Each of the elements I added  is very simple.
scrap paper ,tree bark ,torn silk and a discarded spool of thread
Yet,to me the colors and textures are as beautiful as any conventional jewels !
I added a few of my own polymer clay flowers to symbolize how everyday objects can "blossom "into Art .
My new necklace is feather light and easy to wear .
But, what I love best is the story it tells.
It connects me to artists and makers past and present .
Thank you Art Bead Scene for a  truely wonderful inspiration !
this week 
try creating with some everyday objects
Bead Happy!



  1. this is one of the most lovely necklaces i have ever seen! just beautiful and a perfect blend of objects and beads and ribbons.

  2. Well, since I also sew, I have to say I love your necklace, especially the spool with the ribbons! Very colorful and fun!

  3. I love how you used the philosophy of past crafters to create your challenge entry. So creative!