Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fungus to Fashion ?

Fungus Flower

Somewhere between the bright shades of Summer and the rich hues of Autumn,  my world turned gray !!!
Rain , rain and more rain !!! Where is the Sun ???
An occasional rainy day with a cup of tea and a good book  can be very pleasant.
But, weeks of rain seemed like too much  !!!
I like color ! I am inspired by color  !
Lately each new day is cloudy ,wet and gray .
Even my water loving tomatoes are looking sick and sad .

But , something rather neat is happening .
Fungus are amung us... LOL!
All this rain seems to be just what fungi love.
Magical mushrooms of every size and shape are popping up everywhere. It's like an alien invasion!
I took advantage of a break in the down pour to take some photos of the weird  and wonderful shapes.
While I was taking pictures, I realized I was having a color inspiration ! Or maybe a lack of color inspiration to be exact .
All those gray ,white and creamy tones looked very nice against the wet black mulch.
Nice and  neutral  color blends!!!
Of course !!! Why not create some  beads in those fun fungi shades!
Neutrals would be perfect for Fall and Winter Fashion .
The accessory equivalent to curling up tea and good book . Something tried, true and sure to please .

So instead of swimming against the current and bringing out all my bright clays  on a gray day;
I decided to go with the flow and work with the lovely muted  shades all I was seeing all around me .
A restful and welcome  pallet.
Just the thing to prepare me for the Holiday color celebrations coming soon!
this week
rest up with some nice  neutrals 
Bead Happy!

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  1. What a lovely inspiration! That is the most lovely fungi and I love the results of your creative energy! Enjoy the day.