Saturday, January 7, 2012

Branching Out

If you enjoy creating and you like to sell what you create,
it is probably wise to develop your own style.
Customers keep returning if they know you make things they like .
It's as simple as that !
However, recognizable style should not equate with stagnant .
Here's a case in point ...
visitors to Lynda Mosley's shop can expect to find Glamorous Sophisticated creations with a Heirloom feel .
But, check out  her latest creation ! Rock and Roll earrings!!!
WOW!!! Unexpected ...but , I would recognize those as Lynda's work anywhere ! She dared to go  out on a limb and came up with a  Far-out fresh and refreshing design !!!

Make 2012 your year to  Branch Out !
Experimenting with new concepts and materials breaths life into our work .
Take your muse on a mini creativity vacation.
Return to your tried and true designs with new delight .
I think  it will show .
Even my staple Rose Beads seem to bloom a bit fresher after a jewelry making break.
Cruise the blogs and bookshelves for new ideas.
Better yet, join a challenge
signups start today for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party
Art Bead Scene has a wonderful inspiration this month !
even if you are happy climbing the same tree...
go out on a limb !
this week Branch Out
Bead Happy,


  1. The woman who inspired me to make jewelry had a certain style, and she stuck with it, never deviating from it. I decided that when I sit down to create, the beads and componets will guide me, whether it will be a simple piece that you can wear anywhere with any outfit, or a piece that says 'look at me', or anything in between. I don't let a certain style take over because that seems boring.

    I do hope to branch out this year and learn new things like riviting, etching, soldering etc.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Great analogy. Branching out like a tree for me is trying all kinds of media and taking it to lots of different places. Sometimes I feel really scattered but you reminded me that the tree has a strong trunk and deep roots. My art is grounded by the roots and trunk and freedom is found in the branches going in all directions. I just need to remind myself that pruning and pollination are require for blossoms and fruit to form.
    come on by this week I have a great giveaway, celebrating two years of blogging.

  3. Happy New Year, my friend!

    Wow, I am so honored to be included in your New Year post. Deviating from my norm is so difficult for me, it is really gratifying and encouraging to hear from a peer that you still recognize my style in the Rock and Roll earrings. I struggled with them so much!

    Thanks again, Mary Ellen. You are the best! I'd hang out on a limb with you any day, my friend!

  4. M.E., Great advise thank you. I will be doing a lot more challenges this year to branch out and improve my skills.