Saturday, January 14, 2012

ABS Inspiration


Time for the ABS monthly Challenge
I instantly fell in love with this month's beautiful wallpaper design .
Joy of joys , so many wonderful flowers and leaves !!!
Just my thing. I only had to decide where to start ......

 I grew up in an big old Victorian house that saw years of change and updates.No ,we didn't have William Morris wallpaper.
But, we did have pieces of furniture and knickknacks from the era.
All the design elements seemed comfortable and familiar to me.
But ,somehow I kept being drawn to that trellis design. Why?
Because, it made me think of the little twisted wire fences that graced my grandmother's gardens.Those low little fences didn't keep anything out or keep anything in .They were just decorative,like garden jewelry.
I wonder if they still sell rolls of that low wire fencing ? It always got bent out of shape and quickly developed aged patina . Maybe it wasn't as lovely as I remember . Still ,I smile when  I think of those gardens .
I was determined to make a wire trellis fence for my necklace.
It took me  hours of sore hands and wasted wire to finally recreate that  twisted, aged fenceing from my past. No matter how frustrate I became I could not,would not veer from my design idea!
I WAS going to make a piece of wire fenceing !

Is it better to know something may be impossible or better to not realize ?
"How to" classes  and  tutorials do give us basic skills and tecniques to draw from.
But ,I think there are times when we should just branch out .
Times to experiment until we are able to create what we envision.
If we don't realize we are attempting the impossible maybe it will become the possible!

I am happy my little trellis necklace.
When I wear it, I am for moment, back with my Grandmother in her gardens.
Thanks for the memory ABS!
this week
make a memory
go with your vision
even if you aren't sure how
Bead Happy,


  1. That turned out really cute. I love your little wire fence/trellis. It reminds me of my grandmothers old gardens, too. How cute.

  2. Oh that turned out fabulous! I LOVE the trellis! :)and the little bee link fits just right ;)

  3. Lovely I really like fence- such a pleasant surprise portion of the necklace. Nice work!

  4. I just love where your inspiration took you! What a totally unique necklace.

  5. WOW totally an art piece for sure!!! Gorgeous design!!!