Saturday, August 7, 2010

Under The Influence

It's time for a new ABS monthly challenge !

For the last few days I've been under the influence of Jack Savitsky's "Sunrise "
While studying the both the picture and the artist to come up with a design ,I had a moment of insight !
Challenges like the ones ABS offers, should be a part of EVERY Art History course !!!
Why? Because, the process of creating a design "inspired " by a piece of art causes us to really think about the piece and absorb all aspects of it . To be inspired ,I had to discover what
about the painting first caught my eye .How did it speak to me ? What could I design to share my feelings about the work ?
Then I had to think about the small details .Which seem to add to my reaction to the work ? To truely make a " inspired" piece I had to learn about the artist as well .
How did the artist's life influence the art ? What was the artist's vision for his work ?

Creating jewelry designs that reflect my reactions to an artists work has been a labor of love for me. I have thought more about my long time favorites . I have found inspiration from artists I formerly had not paid much attention to. And I have learned about some wonderful artists I was unfamiliar with!
Yes ,yes I could do all this art 101 type study without making a piece of jewelry.
But, that would be like just tasting a delicious food .
Creating a jewelry piece inspired by great art lets me enjoy a full course meal !!!
Next time you come to the design table ,serve a dish of ART inspiration ,
enjoy your meal
Bead Happy ! m.e. :)

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