Saturday, August 14, 2010

Imagine That !

I love flowers. I love growing flowers .I love looking at flowers.
I love making polymer clay flowers !!!
Sometimes I try to make my creations very "real" looking , mimicking Mother Nature's colors and designs.
Sometimes I just imagine fantasy blossoms and create my own designs and color combinations.
I like to think I come up with some interesting flowers Mother Nature hasn't thought of .
But, who am I kidding !!! The photo above was taken by my daughter at the Key West Botanical Garden this summer .
Can a flower get any more fantastic than that !!!

I realize it's same old ,same old to say "I get my inspiration from nature" How many artists make this statement ? Admit it's kinda boring ...right ? Yeah ,yeah I'm inspired by nature ..ya da ,ya da ,ya da......
But, what else can I say ? Mother Nature always has some surprises waiting for me . She uses color combos and designs I don't think I could dream up if I tried .
I like to call my creations "fantasy flowers " .But , I think the fantasy may really be the dream of being Mother Nature.
I imagine being able to wave a magic wand and bringing to life the wildest wildflowers and creepiest creatures!
"I'm inspired by Nature" might not be the most interesting way to begin a description of yourself . But, Mother Nature is the most interesting and surprising source of inspiration !
With Summer at it's height, her amazing creations are in full splendor .
look carefully around you this week,
discover some of Nature's surprises
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

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  1. Amazing photo and your flowers are great! My favorite very unusual flower grows on the "Passion Vine". I have a wild and crazy plant in my front yard that somehow survives the heat here and the flowers are crazy looking like something from outer space and purple, my favorite color.