Saturday, August 21, 2010

Feelin' Blue

I think most people who create jewelry and beads assume their creations will be worn to complement clothing . I don't think I'll ever be discussing jewelry meant to be wore while naked on this blog !!!

When we create pieces to complement fashion, we are necessarily influenced by season and current style. We watch the color trends.We are often found working in pastels and brights for Spring and Summer .We might use darker colors and jewel tones in the Fall and Winter.
But ,my mood seems to influence my choice of color too !
Does yours?

I LOVE COLOR ! A big part of my love affair with clay is the fun of blending pinches of this and that to come up with custom colors.
I am far too undisciplined to measure what I combine. I rarely keep any notes listing how much of this and how much of that make a certain shade.
I admire people who do this .They can reproduce any shade just by following their neatly kept color recipes . I rarely can reproduce a color . For the most part I don't really want to.
I just get in the mood for a certain shade ...mix up a big batch .... work with it until it runs out or I get tired of it !
I'm not sure what makes me yearn for any given color. For the last few weeks I was obsessed with Autumn's rich golds ,reds and coppers. Maybe I needed something more soothing for a bit .
This week I feel like blue ! I am especially loving a nice shimmery steel blue gray mixture I made .
Yes, today I'm feelin' extremely blue and I'm very happy about it !
What color are you feeling ?
Be it blue or bright,
light and fresh,
or dark and deep ...
Bead Happy !
m.e. :)

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  1. Beautiful morning glories!! I love all shades of blue and purple but as Fall approaches I tend to gravitate towards the colors my husband has influenced me to love, warm earth tones, the bright red, orange, yellow and golds of a fall in New England where we both grew up. I don't measure either. My work is all intuitive and some of the best colors have been very happy accidents that I probably could never duplicate. I think a true artist is always evolving like this. Playing with color is fascinating!!