Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What to make of it ?

Time for a very special PCAGOE challenge !
The theme is "Transfers "
We each had to choose one of the preselected collage sheets chosen by Piddix. She has some wonderful selections in her shop ! .
We used any "transfer tecnique " we preferred on our clay to create our entry . Many of use had never even tried this tecnique !
Don't miss your chance to vote for your favorite entry !!!!

For me this was an especially difficult challenge.
My big problem, transfers are work is not !
I really could not figure out what to make or how to make it !
Luckily one of our group members Lynda ,is a transfer diva!
She was more than generous with her advice.
I purchased ALL of her AMAZING tutorials .
I learned some great tips and tecniques from her fabulous tuts.
I was finally able to cut ,bend ,poke and prod my transfer pieces into a dimensional piece more like my usual sculpted flowers !
I'm very happy with the result!

There are times when we want to think outside the box . Times to try something completely different . It is good to stretch our creative legs once in awhile .
However ,most of us work hard to develop our style . When we find a new tip,tecnique or inspiration, often the trick is how to make it our own . Instead of thinking outside the box ,we have to figure how to make those ideas fit into our box! We all know square pegs don't fit in round holes. Sometimes tecniques just do not seem to fit our style. We might like the idea very much. But ,we just can't figure how we could use it in our own work .
It might take a little extra shove to get that new tecnique into your own repertoire.
It might even take a big push! But, it's worth a try ,isn't it ?
Is there an idea you love, but have never used ?
This week see if you can find a way to make it fit into your own design box
Bead Happy !
m.e. :)

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  1. Very nice, I am really glad you shared the sources of info about the transfers. I will definitely look those up. Love the 3D quality of your work. I learned about transfers in a class right before the photo paper that worked went off the market. I know a little about laser transfers but would love to be able to transfer on curved clay. thank you!!