Saturday, February 4, 2012

Groundhog Shadows

Tuesday was Groundhogs day. Phil saw his shadow.
I guess that  means six more weeks of winter for us!
I live in Maryland where the weather is always "weird".
This year the seasons really can't seem to make up  their minds whose turn it is.
It has been so unseasonably warm my bulbs are coming up !
I took the photo above on Monday . It snowed ! Snow on Spring flowers might not seem too surprising .But, in Maryland in early February it is! Usually bead  people are a season a head. We are making Spring flowers when Winter winds howl .We are creating Christmas blossoms in July.
This week I'm happily making floral toggles while enjoying my bright little crocus. I am a bit worried that Phil's six more weeks of winter might hold promise of some late snow storms. I hope my Spring flowers don't freeze before they can reach full bloom ! Throughout my childhood my mother and grandmother recalled the Big Palm Sunday blizzard of  1942 ! Are we in for a repeat this year?
If we are ,I have a chicken  ready , Whenever it snowed ,my mother always baked a chicken.
We had an old gas oven and she liked the way it warmed up our drafty Victorian house.I continue this tradition in snow storms, despite having a more reliable modern heating system.
Modern heat and air conditioning often make me feel almost immune to the weather outside. Some days  the seconds from house to car to work and back are my only touch with real weather.
When I'd rather be at the beach, I can watch "live video"   of all my favorite sunny places via Key West web cams .If I set up my i-phone just right at work, I can watch the waves at Fort Zachary beach.
 (Dr M, I only peek during breaks ...really.........)
When I'm not hard at work at my vet job,I am making out of  season beads in an unseasonably warm or cool house .
However,I still rely on the time honored tradition of the groundhog prophet(formerly an  old world hedgehog )
Six more weeks of winter for me . Sunshine or snow shadows, I will be Springtime happy  inside growing my garden of beads
whatever the weather at your house
keep a something to ready bake
just in case you need to warm up with the oven
Bead Happy

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