Sunday, July 21, 2013

Magical Moments

Muse Magic

This week was a hot one in Maryland .
We had that  Summer Season  Sauna weather.  
Life seemed to progressing in slow motion .
I think the inspiration part of my brain melted.
My muse was no where to be found. She was probably  sitting in the shade sipping a  cold drink .
No beadie ideas popped into my head ,no blog topics either .
Honestly ,I had just about decided to skip both beads and blog today.
I poured a third cup of coffee, decided to water my plants,and
whoooa !!!!
Overnight an AMAZING mushroom appeared in one of my orchid pots!
Awesome color ...Awesome texture !!!
Even a heat  addled brain has to be inspired by this cool little fungus .
I have no idea why it decided to grow right now . That orchid has been in the same spot for 3 years!  Most of my collection summer outside . But , I keep a few on the kitchen windowsill all year.
I have no idea what type of  mushroom it is .My Goggle research came up with "Leucocoprinus Birnbaumii ".  Does anybody out there recognize it ?
I 'm not sure if people who are not artist/makers actively seek out inspiration.
But, I'm fairly sure my beadie buddies are always on the hunt for new ideas to play with.
We visit real and virtual places just hunting for that next design or color combo .
Sometimes the inspiration is visual,sometimes its just the feel of a place ...even a sound or smell can inspire. I do get good ideas when I am activly searching .
However ,once in a while an idea comes to me when I least expect it !
Suddenly  I notice ..Wow.. that's an interesting  color ... look at that  unusual shape ...

I  don't know how  or why  that  mushroom popped up just when I needed a nudge.
I suspect it  has to do a bit of Midnight Muse Mischief
Hope this week you find some
Muse Magic inspiration of your own
and I hope you
Bead Happy,


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