Sunday, August 4, 2013

August ABS

Love Endures

Time for the August ABS challenge
All can say is COLOR !!!  I Love the strong deep colors in this painting.
I love how the hues bleed and blend into each other.
It always delights me to note how one dimensional swaths of paint can create the illusion of  texture.
My inspiration  this month  reached out and grabbed me !
My design was going to be all about the colors and perceived textures.
I  decide to concentrate on the beautiful red and purples. I used a blend to create a few beads and a heart toggle. Why a heart ? Because I was wondering about the three people in the painting.
What could be their story ?
Perhaps a  tale of love ? Love with all its ups and downs ,joys and sorrows .
Normally I have all of my components picked before I start .
But, this month I was over eager to play with my clay.
So I had a beginning .But, I had no end plan .
I had no "go with beads"picked out
Off to my  bead stash boxes ,to search for something with rugged texture to complement my red and purple beads.
Ah ha ! The perfect  thing ....rough cut pyrite cubes. They seem to reflect both the gold and the black in the painting!
How do they do that ?
I had just enough to make a bracelet . Not a design about innocent romantic love.
Instead this piece is about all the nicks and knocks love may bring us .
Maybe a more realistic outlook than pretty pastel hearts and flowers.
Either way
this week celebrate Love 
and Bead Happy ,


  1. Beautiful design and reflections, Mary Ellen!

  2. M.E. I was stunned to see this was your creation, usually I can pick them out with no trouble! I love that hard, edginess you gave to it with the pyrite, they blend beautifully with your beads and beg to hear the story behind it!

  3. really lovely, I love the heart