Sunday, August 18, 2013

Rough Week

I couldn't resist snapping a quick photo of my cat Pollymewer aka Polly. She was just hanging over my desk chair ,clearly exhausted.
My feelings exactly ! What a longgggggggggg week I've had !
I put in  many extra hours at work . I took on a new work project to organize at home .I said a few emotional goodbyes to long time patients. We know our fur friends won't be with us forever. But, it always hurts to let them go .

Not much  time or energy for bead projects this week .
But, I did manage to make a few new things .
I liked the toggle I made for  my ABS entry so much ,I decided to play with the idea.
I created a set with the leftover red to purple blend,
Then I decided to try a set in black  and silver. 
I love how it turned out . Not really rustic ,not really steam punk ,not really Halloween...
But, I think it's perfect for any of those themes .
Creating a random rough texture suited my mood .
It seemed to symbolize a heart full of love ... surviving life's rough spots
Life is rarely smooth and shiny. Instead it is full of bumps and gouges.That's what gives life texture and meaning .
I must use the rest of this day to make beads and earrings
Fortunately I do find that restful and restorative
When you have a rough week,
just think of it as adding some texture  to your life
 Bead Happy,


  1. Thank goodness for the few moments creating beauty with our favorite medium!

  2. Great markings on Polly. I'm sure they're inspirational for color schemes! JR from