Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birthday Girl

This week I turned 68 ! I celebrated with a BIG chocolate fudge cake and these beautiful Roses.
I especially love the vase. My cats can't figure out how tip it over .....yet. Some people reflect  on their hopes ,dreams and goals  at the end of the calendar year.
On my birthday I always spent time contemplating where I've been and where I hope to go .
This year I'm still busy with my polymer clay .
I'm still happy making my flowers.But ,I have added many more toggles to my shop.
I started my Pairs for Paws project at the Veterinary Hospital where I work
I've lost count of the  number of  earrings I've made.
All the profits from the sales,go to our local animal rescue
For years I have only sold beads on ETSY.
All of my ABS creations I keep for myself . My other jewelry desings are made as gifts or for private sales. However,I found I really enjoyed making simple earrings .
I decided to open a shop just for earrings and use the profits to purchase supplies for Pairs for Paws
I am having fun with my second shop and have made a few sales !
Full time job ,two ETSY shops and my rescue project keep me VERY busy
But, I would rather be busy than bored !
I don't foresee any more major craft/art projects in the coming year
But ,you never know many beads little time
I would like to try working with metal . I love the look of etched pieces.
I could probably give up housework all together and gain some extra  time .
Happy Birthday to me .
Happy Birthday  to all my fellow Leos
even if it's not your birthday month
have a  great August
and Bead Happy


  1. happy birthday! what a great way to celebrate to think about all you've done for the past year - and what lies ahead... such a positive thing to do! Hope it was a lovely day for you

  2. I barely made it into the Leo band (July 25), Mary Ellen... but am I glad I did LOL. Hope this is a banner year for you :)

  3. Happy birthday, M.E.!

    Sounds like you have a busy but very fulfilling life. How awesome that you raise money for an animal rescue! I keep wanting to find one to volunteer at, but I'm pretty sure I'd try to adopt all the dogs. :)

  4. Happy Birthday! Loved reading your words... And I'm so proud to own treasures made by you!
    Good luck in all you do!
    Kisses from Hungary! Maria

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I love that you use this day to reflect on the past and contemplate the future. Here's to many more birthdays!

    I always celebrate my birthday with chocolate. It's a rule at my house.

  6. Happy Birthday!! You are such a busy person and I agree with you...better to be busy than bored! I am with you, it would be so easy to give up the house chores for more clay time! :)