Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bead Soup Book

My copy of Lori Anderson's Bead Soup book arrived this week ! 
It is a PERFECT Beadie Cookbook !
It's chocked full of design recipes for every occasion.
Each creation has a list of ingredients and easy directions .

I feel like I know everybody who contributed, from Lori's previous Bead Soup Blog buffets.So before I saw the book I knew I liked  their styles .
No surprise, I'd love the book .
I expected Lori's easy friendly style ,tons of inspiration and great photos . But, I got much more than I expected !
The book is divided into four starting point chapters. I can best describe them as comparable to what to cook if you have left over chicken in the fridge or what to make if you couldn't resist the fresh asparagus at the grocery.
Great ideas for how to think through designs .
Useful tips on how to find inspiration for those " got it clue what to do with it " beads we all have around the house.

One reason I love soup, both the bead and food type , is that you can keep  adjusting  it  until you get it perfectly yummy .You can take a recipe, add this ,subtract  that  and the result will still be good.
The Bead Soup Book recipes will fill your head with mouth watering ideas that you can improvise to  make your own .
All the recipes contain a sprinkling of smiles .
You won't want to miss Zack's Watercress Soup.It's toadily delicious!
Since I live in Maryland, I had an extra big grin when I saw the  "Blue Crab Earrings " and old Fashioned Oyster Stew " necklace !
Colder days and blustery weather are on the way.
Perfect soup weather !
Why not simmer a pot on your stove
and a pot on your work table  ?
this week cook up  something hot and delicious
and Bead Happy


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