Thursday, October 4, 2012

October ABS Challenge

Round and Round

Time for the October ABS challenge !
Each month I eagerly wait to see the newest ABS challenge selection. Each month a different aspect of the art inspires me.
Usually one particular thing about the picture grabs my attention.
If the chosen piece has flowers , I will be making flowers !
Those of us who make beads can often whip up something special to "go with "our inspiration.
This is one thing I love about the challenge.
It's a monthly kick in the pants to try something different.
There is also the fun of  sorting through my copious stash of beadie stuff to find forgotten treasures.
This month I was struck by the colors and the graphics .
If you look closely,there are so many colors!
There are also strong geometric shapes .
To keep that feel I picked out some heavy wire and a few round vintage elements.
The shapes and colors had my brain spinning....spinning?
ah ha! I remembered a bead type I had not made in ages...lentil swirls ! A perfect way to spin all those lovey colors into one bead .
Just for fun I added an ammonite swirl bead created by Mother Nature. I couldn't resist adding some bits of sari silk that  matched perfectly.
I loved making the lentil swirls . Creating them was a nice break from holiday florals .
Thanks  ABS  for helping me recall that technique.
this week
revisit an old favorite design
Bead Happy,


  1. This could be my most favorite yet. Love the colors and the lentil swirls. You are so talented, GF!

  2. Your necklace is just incredible! There is such a feeling of movement and the colors are just yummy.

  3. I agree about making lentils being a great change, sort of meditative, really. I just love your colour choices and how you chose to highlight the more dramatic ones.

  4. i love your lentils and the assemblage of this piece is just awesome!