Friday, October 12, 2012

What Bugs You ?

Does something in particular bug you ?
I try very hard not to "sweat the small stuff "
Life is  full of  big hungry caterpillar events .
We need to concentrate on turning as many of these into butterflies as possible .
In general,it's a waste of time to worry over  life's little stink bug moments.
However, sometimes the small irritations are hard to ignore !
What happened to  basic good manners?
Do people have to talk on their cell phones while I'm trying to wait on them? Or worse ...while they are supposed to be waiting on me !
Could people keep their phone's volume down in public?
I don't need to hear those loud rockin' ring tones .
(unless I love the song...LOL!)
Could people just wait 2 seconds for me to bag my things at the self checkout .Do they have to let their canned goods slam into my bread!
Is it possible to simply be kind and respectful to others?
This week I was told by a pharmacist ,that a customer asked her to call other stores to see if she could purchase her pills for less elsewhere.
I'm all for trying to save money .
But, she told the pharmacist in a haughty tone that she didn't have "time to waste " calling around herself because she was "at work ".
Where did she think the pharmacist was!
Oh my......
this recount of  life's annoyances  could go on and on .
all the itchy-bitchy bites I try not to scratch!
my secret remedy ?
working with  beads is a form of meditation for me
when I'm making beads,designing with beads
even reading about beads
Life's little irritations cease to bother me
then it's all about the Beads !
this week
sooth your little irritations
Bead Happy !


  1. Love this post - could have written it myself it I were creative like you! I think more and more people have a sense of entitlement that makes them more rude and less considerate. It's a shame. But my beads are always nice to me!

  2. Thanks for writing this, Mary Ellen. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life nowadays that many people have forgotten how to be civil to one another. I know folks are busy and stressed, etc., etc., but I am always amazed at how easily one "please" or "thank you", or a thoughtful gesture or smile can make someone's day. When I see those with the privilege of a little education acting so offensively to those around them, I am embarrassed for them. They make fools of themselves and are completely oblivious! But I'm preaching to the choir. Thank goodness when I play with my clay it never gets nasty LOL.