Saturday, September 25, 2010

Think Southwest

This month's PCAGOE challenge theme is "Southwest" .
Take s sneak peek at the entries so far!
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The theme certainly brings to mind all sorts of colors and designs!
My mind was in a spin of ideas. Finally I realized that every idea I had shared one common thread . The Southwest seems to hold for me a very spiritual feeling .
The landscape ,culture, even the color always makes me feel a strong connection nature .
So rather than search for a design that represented Southwest to me,I searched for a design that would capture my deep spiritual connection .
I decided to make my version of a Katchina dancer. These ancient Spirit beings are represented in both "dolls" and dancers masks. They are revered for their powerful connection with nature.
I did study the various Hopi symbols and themes. A fascinating journey!
I created my Katchina by just adding elements that spoke to me personally.
The end result is not what I see as Southwest ,rather it is what I feel about the Southwest!
Is your work often a visual representation
or is it based on the "feeling" of a theme ?
Go with your feelings this week
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

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