Saturday, September 18, 2010

Subtle Change

Fall does not officially arrive until September 22 . Of course, most beadie people have been in fall mode for a bit . Some of us may even have started on Holiday/winter designs!
For most the transition is a slow steady process. Slowly we add more rich shades of autumn and use fewer " summer " shades .

At my house the seasons are marked by the corn field outside my front window.At the beginning of August it was lush and green . This week the tan and gold stalks were harvested. Everything in nature is slowly changing .Gradually the green trees around the field will flame into reds and golds . Flowers will give way to seed pods .
Often I have to look twice to notice the daily changes in nature.
I also have to look twice to notice the changes in fashion colors and seasonal styles.
Perhaps there are people who say "today I will put away summery beads and only work in autumn colors". Instant change !
When I was little, we put away our white summer shoes on Labor day .No more wearing white shoes til Memorial day ..lest we commit a huge fashion faux-pas !!!

I prefer a slow and subtle change as one season comfortably blends into the next.
Take time this week to enjoy the little changes
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

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