Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Frosty Focus

Brrrrrrr....Morning Frost on my garden this week! The bright annual plants are gone.The frost creates a sparkling fairyland in the early morning hours. My garden is now clothed only in shades of green . I have been enjoying working with this palette. Green florals have been popping up all over my work table !
I love the change of seasons . The crisp morning air and frosty foliage do inspire me.
This season has a more subtle beauty than it's flamboyant sister Summer. Late Autumn seems to invite me to slow down . It says to me relax ,rest , restore .
As winter approaches I like to get comfy, cozy and create . I make most of my holiday items in late summer and early autumn. By this time of year I am usually able to kick back a bit .
This year I need to recuperate and recover.This fall both my husband and myself had surgeries.Last week a good friend died very suddenly and unexpectedly.
Most years I welcome frosty mornings and the promise of snowy days ahead.Normally I relish time to work with the colors of the season...deep jewel tones , bright whites, subtle muted blends. But, this year I need a quick dose and Sunshine and Bright color !
I just need enough to perk me up after a difficult Autumn. Tomorrow My hubby and I are flying off to the Florida Keys for a Week of Warmness !!! We go there yearly to scuba dive. But, I'm still not 100% after my surgery .This visit I'm just going to soak up Sun and Fun.I hope to take my Muse along to capture a bit of the colorful Keys.I 'll be wanting to use it after the holidays.That's when my bead creations will need to jump into Spring /Summer mode !
I'll be back here next Sunday to share the inspiration I find .
If you're still in Holiday overdrive
this week take a moment to relax
enjoy the signs of the season
Bead Happy, m.e.

PS: my shops will stay open while I'm away .I'll be able to answer any inquires and I will be listing new items. I will be mailing any purchases on Monday 11/22.


  1. Hi m.e. I took a moment to visit your etsy shop, your handcrafted beading components and beads are too beautiful for words.

    I appreciated your comment on my blog regarding "What's Life Worth". It was nice to read so many various responses; each of us is indeed unique.

    Hope you had a lovely stay in the Keys, which key did you visit? One of my favorites is Key West, my hubby and I have been talking about driving down there sometime and spending a short vacation. Of course if we still lived in Miami the drive wouldn't long but now that we live just south of Tampa/St. Pete, the distance has gotten considerably greater.

    Hope you don't mind if I become a follower of your blog ?

  2. Happy to have you visit !
    When we go to scuba dive we stay in Big Pine .
    This trip we did stay right in Key West .
    This was my first visit during the month of Nov.
    WOW ...Perfect weather!!! And Holiday shopping in Key West was sooo MUCH more fun than going to my local mall!!! m.e. :D