Friday, June 1, 2012

Lima Beads Readers Challenge

Spring Promise

For many of us ,the Memorial day weekend marked the beginning of Summer .
For  teachers  and students the last day of school is the start of Summer.
Technically  Summer begins on June 20 ,the day of the summer solstice. Therefore it is  still Spring !

The Lima Beads Readers Challenge kit is titled the "Spring kit" .
I fell in love with the  gorgeous blues and greens of the beads .
I have been seriously coveting the Green Girl Rabbit toggle for sometime now. Do birds get any more charming than that little Earthenwood guy  !
I was thrilled down to the tips of my toes when I was able to join the challenge !!!! I really did do a  happy dance !!!
Lucky for my readers I don't know how to add video to my blog!!!

However,my bead  muse is presently in Summer mode .
What  Spring design inspiration could I come up with ?
What is Summer  but Spring's promise fulfilled .
Spring is the promise of warm days , sunshine , flowers
birds and ...yes... bunnies !
All  those seeds  are just waiting for the Spring sunshine to make them sprout and bloom into Summer splendor.
they are like the beads in our bead stash , just waiting for our imagination to grow them into a design creation..................

Before I start better  hop on over to Andrew Thornton's Blog
and enjoy the  participant's garden of bead creations!
this week grow a little something from your bead stash
Bead Happy!


  1. A gorgeous piece! I love that your own flowers fit this challenge kit so well.

  2. Hi M.E.,
    I love, love, love your necklace it is so beautiful! I like how you bundled up the Czech glass beads in the mesh and added your own flower and made the bird the focal. Also I like how you did not hide the cute Rabbit clasp in the back of the necklace.

  3. How sweet is this necklace? Love it!

  4. Great piece! I love how you made this "spring" piece so full of life and energy! Nicely done! I think that flower works perfectly in this piece! Thanks so much for participating! You get a gold star!

  5. This is gorgeous! Love your addition of the flower!

  6. I am just in awe. I love that necklace! Your flower is just the icing on the cake to such a beautiful piece.