Saturday, June 30, 2012


I  want to wish all my friends in the USA a very
***Happy Fourth of July***

However,the freedom I am going to discuss this week is
freedom from boring clasps !
I am so sad when I see fabulous designs finished with so,so clasps.
In a quest to find unique closures for my own work I have started making my own.
I also have a Pinterest board to share my toggle and clasp finds.
But,one of my  favorite ways to finish my own bracelets does not technically use a clasp at all.
I have come up with a simple way to use my collection of vintage brooches to close my designs.
I just string a bracelet (also works for a necklace) and finish both ends with jump rings.
Then I hook the pin through the jump rings ,close the pin clasp and that's it!
The best part,I can change pins.The same bracelet can have many different looks
This is wonderful for holidays. Plenty of great holiday themed brooches are available, not too many great themed toggle clasps  to pick from.

If you want to give this idea a try , I do have a few tips.
It is possible to fasten the pin while the bracelet is on your arm. But,unless you have someone to help you , it might take a zillion tries and you will probably use some very bad words!
I make my bracelets long enough so that they will slide on when the pin is fastened. Think bangle size.
In order to use different sized brooches on the same bracelet, I add a second jump ring on each end. Just loop small pins through this second ring ,larger pins through both rings.
 Since some pins are a bit heavy it is best to use sturdy jump rings and close with solder.
If you are severely solder impaired,like I am,a split ring does the trick!
If you already own  a stash of neat brooches, you are set to give this idea a try .
If  you  decide to buy brooches for this project
beware ...
sooooooooo many great inexpensive choices are  available,collecting pins can highly addictive!!!
this week Celebrate beading freedom
fasten a design in an inventive way
Bead Happy !


  1. How fun! Love all these closures - they make for such great focals to your creations! Happy 4th

  2. I have a necklace I can do the same thing with but have never thought to make them to sell lol. Your bracelets are really neat!

  3. I love the brooch idea! That's so clever. It makes me wish I'd sent some inlaid shell brooches I've been hanging on to for forever -- I bet you'd love 'em.

    I sent your soup yesterday! I also got your soup and am beyond thrilled! The owl is just adorable. <3

  4. What a creative, visually appealing and totally COOL idea! Super bracelets and I especially like the ones for the 4th.