Saturday, June 9, 2012

ABS June Inspiration

Time for the June ABS challenge !
At first glance ,I was struck by the masculine feel of the strong graphics and deep colors in this month's painting "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper.  However, taking a second look,those metal urns caught my eye .  What was familiar about them?
Here's how convoluted my inspiration  can sometime be...
For Xmas my boss gave me some fantastic beaded guls !
I Loved them ! While searching for more to add to my new "collection",
I purchased some tribal silver button tassels .
These are often used as adornments for belly dance costumes.
I think that is about as far from the Hopper painting as one can possible get !!!
But, the shape of one of my beads seemed to perfectly mimic those urns.
That was all my muse needed to be off and running.
 The urn shaped bead became my focal pendant.
I had some  large beads in my stash in just the right jade greens and yellow ocre tones. For a pop of color I pulled beads in the blue from the man's shirt. Then I copied that blue to make a polymer clay toggle in the rhomboid window shape. For more of that masculine feel, I added some bits of leather cord.  I liked the look so far . But, I felt I wanted a little bling to create a balance of masculine /feminine ...yin/yang.
The scene's brightness comes from "hidden fluorescent " lights
Since we can't see them ,could we imagine them to be those old round drugstore light fixtures?  A few vintage chandelier crystals could be those lights and add my desired touch of girly glitz!

My new necklace promises to be one of my fall favorites.
It should  be perfect with  wooly sweaters and tweeds.
A June challenge entry ready for autumn adornment !
This is my night diner design from belly dance element inspiration .
My  mused sometimes gets confused about themes !
this week
follow your muse
even if she's confused ....
Bead Happy !


  1. Another amazing interpretation and another gorgeous creation. I love the way you think!

  2. I loved reading your inspiration, sometimes it's just the tiniest corner of a painting that can make our muse run wild. I think the crystals were a nice touch and add to the glam of the 40's that are just at the surface of the painting.

  3. Isn't the creative journey our minds take just amazing!

  4. Love those sharp lefts that take you off another way, far from home. Beautiful result, I love the hit of blue