Saturday, June 23, 2012

Slippery as an Eel

Eel at Looe Reef 6/12

I'm not certain if this  post is  about venting or just asking  a question.
When someone "favorites " my ETSY  listing or my shop,I  look at their profile to see who they are.I think it's useful to know who likes my work. And yes, I do try to determine if  this is a future buyer or just a browser. In the end I create for my own enjoyment ,in my own style. But ,knowing who your customer base is,certainly  helps to merchandize your product.

So who are the slippery eels???

They are the people who slip around ETSY
"favorite-ting"items,hoping the sellers will look at their shop.
 And what do they sell? They sell "how tos" about ESTY success ,
shop makeovers, off ETSY sales venues. These people aren't really marking shops to buy from or even for inspiration .
They are targeting shops they hope will buy what they are selling.
Is there really anything wrong with this ?
It does count as one more 'heart " for a listing or a shop...that's a good thing
It doesn't really hurt anyone,does it?
Maybe there is a chance some sellers will find the service offered useful.
However , I personally find it a bit annoying.
I believe a successful shop takes work . I have read article after article on tips about selling on line,taking good photos ,using SEOs ,etc etc.
And yes,writing blogs...LOL!!!
I have purchased  many "how to tuts" and booklets. I welcome advice and information.
But, I find it at little cheesy for people to slip in under the guise of "favoriting" my shop .
I think would rather get a straight forward message "hey, I sell how improve your shop stuff.... r u interested ? "
I'm wondering if you have had any slippery eels visit your shop .
How do you feel about it ?
this week
"favorite" a friend
Bead Happy !.


  1. I have just favourited your etsy shop because I love your beads, the flower sets are gorgeous.
    Deb x

  2. When I favorite a shop, or an item in it, it's because I like what I see, not for any nefarious reasons. If I really like an item in a shop I also pin it on my Pinterest boards. Most of the people who favorite or add me to their circles do it for the same reason, we're interested and inspired by what we see. I'm sorry you've had the opposite experience in this.

  3. I'm still working on getting my Etsy shop up and running, but encountering Etsy Eels would annoy me, too. It reminds me of the car salesmen who keep following me on Twitter, hoping I'll buy a new Porsche from them. So silly!