Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sneek Peek

The Challenge Kit

I try very hard to post a  new blog entry every Saturday  morning.
I do this for three reasons.
1 :I am disappointed when my favorite bloggers post erratically or with long waits between entries.
I look forward to my coffee and early morning "bead reading "
If anybody out there reads my blog ,I want them to find something new at predictable intervals
2:  In everyday life I sometimes talk and nobody listens.
 When I blog ,I can ramble on and on .
I can  pretend people are listening! That is FUN!!!
3: I enjoy the discipline of creating a work schedule and sticking to  it.
   I actually like the challenge !!!

This weeks entry is going to be short.
At last  I was in time  purchase one of Andrew Thornton's Challenge kits!
I am a  bit intimidated. I expect the entries to be Extra Fantastic.
They always are !
Today I  am beading... not writing
The big reveal is Friday June first
Please stop back to see my creation
This week challenge yourself
Bead Happy !
What I'm Adding


  1. I can totally relate to that, I love it when my fav bloggers blog frequently:-)

  2. I'm holding up my hand because I'm one of those bloggers that posts when I can--or when a challenge reveal date is dictated. For me, life does not revolve around my blog, but just the opposite.

    I just finished my first piece with some of the beads from Andrew's challenge kit but hoping to get a few more made. I like to stretch these kits out into several pieces as my own personal challenge. I can't wait to see what you end up making!

  3. Guilty as charged, I am one of those erratic bloggers. Dont really have anything exciting to share, is that sad? But i do like to hop and read what others have to say. Happy Saturday!

  4. I am a bit of an erratic blogger as well but trying my hardest to do better. I love the colours in the kit and also the beautiful little flower you are adding.
    I have a new give away on my blog you are most welcome to pop over if you get a minute.