Saturday, May 12, 2012

ABS Inspiration

House  and Home

Time for the ABS challenge !
For some time I have been admiring fabric cuff bracelets.
When I saw this month's inspiration painting, the lines of the houses made me think right away about rectangular fabric cuffs .
I don't see the world through rose colored glasses.
My lenses seem to turn things into bead designs... LOL!
Lately I have been truly obsessed with aged metal and patinas .
I gravitated right to the rust tones in the painting.
I started by making a rusty little house shaped bead.
Is a House a Home ?
Is Home where the Heart is?
Who holds the Key the my Heart?
All these are questions for my bracelet .
To add a little of that beautiful  green color ,I found some suede cord and mixed chrysprase beads  in my stash.Look closely on the left ,one  little bead is shaped like a tiny heart. It was meant for my bracelet !

My friends and family really like this design . I am almost ashamed to say how easy peasy it was to make ! I  cut three rectangles each a bit narrower than the other.I threaded the suede cord through and drew it a bit tight to make the felt "ruffle" . To fasten it, I knotted a bead at one end and a loop at the other. Then I just sewed on the beads! I didn't have any  thick thread that matched .But, I did have regular thread in several "go with" shades. I couldn't decide which to use ,so I put them all on one needle. I liked the effect so much  I added  little sprigs of thread  ...because ....well , because I felt like it !
This bracelet  is soooo comfortable and it was sooooooooo  easy !
But, please don't tell anybody. Many of friends are asking me to make them similar bracelets .They find it different, daring  and dramatic . Please keep my secret .....
this week try "less is more"
create something
Simple but Bold
Bead Happy !


  1. Very cool bracelet, great design! Love it.

  2. Beautiful! I love all the sweet elements you chose for this piece.

  3. What a great interpretation! It looks quite comfy to wear