Saturday, May 5, 2012

All play

Shark Dive 2011

All work, no play for me this week.
The photo above is from last year's vacation in Nassau
That's my hubby and me on the right in the yellow fins.
Right now I'm counting the days until  its scuba time again.
This week has been a long one .
I've been working double shifts, filling in for  co-workers.
The extra dollars will be Very,Very  welcome on vacation !
But, the hours are a bit exhausting.
I had so many beadie ideas I wanted to work on this week.
Plus, there is a new ABS challenge posted !
I can't wait to get started ! You know I like to post my entry early !
 This month ,I have something new up my sleeve..pun intended LOL!!!

But ,no time to play with clay this week .Just work ,work ,work for me.!
At least I know I'm not alone. Does misery really love company?
Many of you also have"pay the bills "jobs that 'interfere" with your bead projects . I am not a candidate for an ETSY "quit your day job "feature!
Don't get me wrong, I love my job. But, I have some bead ideas that I REALLY want to work on!
Sometimes juggling work and beads can be difficult  .
But, I feel my "need to bead' is important to my well being
Life is best  when there is balance. All work and no play is not good for us.One more day of double shifts for me and then a day off  !!!
Tomorrow I'm relaxing ! I plan to try to make my ABS entry idea come to life.
this week 
find time for work 
Bead Happy !!!
Sea Shell Fairy

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  1. Yes, paying bill work is no fun sometimes. Especially when you have ideas for projects and work is interfering with that, though I really need to make my house payment and bill payments. Thank goodness for the weekends. Glad your double shifts are almost done and you can play! I hope you have a wonderful play day!