Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hold the Pickles....

Hold the pickles ,hold the lettuce. Special orders don't upset us...
Remember that commercial ?
This week I am setting  aside my metal coating experiments.
I have several  custom orders pending.
Special orders make me very ,very happy !
At least they do most of the time...every once in a while getting an order just right can be a headache.
But, I love stretching my creative wings .
Making a bead that fits someone else's vision is  great way to
to stretch. Usually when I am making beads , I  have an idea floating around my head . If I don't have a specific design  in mind ,at least I have a  season or theme in my head . When I get a custom order  I have to try to envision someone else's design idea. It might be special color combos or even a different design.  I like my beads to go to good homes. A custom order means the bead is already adopted!
I am always curious to see how my work is incorporated into a design.Often people are gracious enough to send a photo of the finished item, so I can see how everything fit's together. I LOVE that!

I always send photos of custom orders before I list them .
I want to be certain I have the customer's vision correctly executed. Sometimes I do have to do a bit of tweeting. However, usually I have had several discussions with the customer, so I know what they have in mind.
I put a little of myself onto my work .
I believe good jewelry designers do this as well
We all put a little Heart in our Art !
Collaborating with someone to create a custom order is a wonderful connection.This one on one personal touch is the best part of  handcrafted sales venues.
I am thrilled to meet people from all over the world .
I can  create a special a bead that travels half way round the globe to become part of a special piece of jewelry . Then that jewelry may travel again to become someone's special gift.
To me this is truly  Awesome !
The joys of these connections completely overshadow those infrequent orders that do give me a headache.
Special orders are Special indeed !
This week make a  special bead connection
Bead Happy,


  1. Hi M.E.
    You do wonderful work. I love looking at all the beautiful flowers and one day hope to bring a few home to stay with me.

  2. You make such pretty flowers, I loved doing commissions too!