Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heavy Metal

This week I've been heavy into metal !
I've been playing around with Christi Friesen's new line of "Swellegant" metal coatings.
I love trying new techniques . This stuff is soooooooo  much fun !
I can actually coat my designs with real metal ,then add awesome real patinas !
I was able to make a flower pendant look like a rusty old piece that had been buried for ages.
This was thrilling to me! My family is less than impressed.
They are fans of my usual colorful clay blends.
They do not understand why worn and  slightly grubby metal shades excite me so much.

One reason is because aged metals are popular in jewelry designs right now . Since I do sell my beads ,I need to keep up with what the designers desire. Currently we are seeing a lot of jewelry  mixing antique with  new. Many people are mixing metal shades and combining unrelated elements. I love this look. I am always attracted to jewelry designs that are interesting little works of art,especially when they have a story to tell.

I admit, I do consider what might sell when  I work with my clay.
However,in the end I create what I love. I make what makes me happy. Playing with new toys always makes me happy ! This week I can not get enough of turning clay into metal ! I feel like I have the Midas touch !
I have been hurrying home from work to rust things!
I admit to rushing through household chores to experiment with verdigris!
I feel like a kid in a candy store ! All week I've had metal finger tips!
I know the directions warn to wear gloves. But, I just never seem to be able to work comfortably in gloves.
Besides, I believe Art requires a bit of mess .
Is your work space always perfectly organized and neat ?
tell the truth......
Also I think Art requires a bit of play time . You should be enjoying what you do. I believe that is what truly sets handmade items a part from manufactured. Artists add love , machines do not .
When you make something, never forget to add the joy of creating to your piece.
this week
take time to play
if you can,try a new toy
Bead Happy !


  1. Oh m.e.! These are very beautiful! I've been wanting to try the Swellegant paints. Now I must go purchase some. ;)

  2. Wow - love those new beads!!! I love anything rusty :) Have lots of fun creating those gorgeous goodies!

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