Saturday, March 3, 2012

Soup's on

Nassau  Memory

Sad news : my name wasn't drawn for Bead Soup Party #5
Glad News: I can still savor the delicious bowls of soup creations !
On a personal note,this week I had to have my old ticker checked out. 
I find stress tests stressful! And who invented the term "minimally invasive"? If I have something stuck into my body I really feel invaded !
Thankfully the tests proved my heart to be healthy.
I feel truly blessed . More good news , red wine and dark chocolate are deemed good for the heart .I can follow my doctor prescribed diet and  still have quality  meals... LOL!!!! 

I do want to  apologize for not making comments on the ABS blog tour this month.There were some wonderful entries!
I apologize in advance for not making comments on the Bead Soup blogs . 
I have a had very weary week. But, I will check out all the soups!
No matter how long it takes me!!!

For my photos this week I chose two of my favorite memory creations.
These 2 pieces are made with treasures my daughter and I collected on vacation last summer. 
They each include a wonderful bottle cap bead made for us by Glass Garden Beads.    

My heart  really  needed a bit of boosting this week .

Some heart warming memories where just the thing.
I am always collecting tiny treasures from life's special moments. 
If I can make a hole it something, it can become a bead.
If something can become a bead ,I can make it into jewelry .
That makes my Heart Happy!
I'm off to visit Lori Anderson's blog hop ,

this week enjoy some Soup
Bead Happy !
Summer Time


  1. Glad to hear things turned out okay for you. I wasn't lucky enough to get selected this time either but next time! Love your bracelet. Two of my favorite combinations. I love sea glass and shells. I have tried to use shells before in some pieces but found it a little difficult to get the holes in the beads. My husband broke a few and we gave up. Coral is particular one of my favorites.

  2. An interesting piece. You'll be able to do the next soup hop for sure!

  3. I love you Nassau memory. Please email me how you drilled the coral?!

  4. I drilled the coral,shells ,sea glass with my Dremil and a diamond drill bit. I think the trick is to lay piece in water ,drill slowly and let drill do the work . Once in a while something does crack. But,for the most part it works really well.The only problem,my daughter and had to pay extra for our luggage on trip home. It was over weight from all our "free" beach finds! LOL!!!
    m.e. :)
    m.e. :)

  5. Beautiful creation! Love the coral! Glad you are doing well! I didn't get selected either this time around. I am barely getting to all the Bead Soup Blogs myself since I was out of town this weekend. It is so much fun to see all the designs!