Saturday, March 10, 2012

March ABS

lettre d'amour

Time for the March ABS challenge !
this month's inspiration is  Le Moulin a Poivre by Vincent Van Gogh
Wonderful muted colors with pops of bright red and  blue!
some great graphic shapes there too
However, I was immediately  struck by the subject matter.
Maybe because Spring is right around the corner
Springtime in  France ,ah sweet romance ..........

A while ago ,I purchased a roll of amazing cotton ribbon .
It is a soft white, printed all over with French phrases and postmarks . Perhaps from love letters...
See the couple in the painting ? They look a bit older to me.
 Are they strolling  arm in arm ,remembering  the love letters they exchanged when they were young?
I was swept away by  my imagination
I added a few hearts and some blue bell blossoms .
What is romance without flowers !
To show show off my prized ribbon, I  tied a big bow.
The shape seems to reflect the windmills.
Why did I add the bee ? for Napoleon of France ,
for my own shop name ,for the Buzz of a new romance...LOL!
Must I be totally honest?
I used it 'cause it's cute,matches the copper chain and balances the teeny blue hearts!!!
Not every element has to be significant does it ?

This is just a simple Springtime design  .
A little something easy breezy  to wear when the weather grows warmer.
I am far too involved speculating about the story of the people in the painting ,than to dwell on the elements of my design....
I like to think my necklace tells the the story of their love.....

This week let your creations
tell a story
and Bead Happy


  1. M.E.,
    Your piece for March ABS is beautiful, I really like the casscading flowers and that ribbon was just the right touch for your piece.

  2. Love what you created for the March ABS challenge! Love the ribbon and your flowers and how it all came together!

  3. ISOOOO LOVE THIS! It ranks right up there with the best looking and best atsting Easter cake! Wow, I can't beleive i am surrounded by soo such talent!

  4. Thank you all very,very much.
    your complements sure warm my heart
    m.e. :)

  5. Absolutely beautiful. I love the simple design and the ribbon adds just the right touch.

  6. This is so pretty! It fits perfectly and compliments the painting (and the story) like a glove!! Not to mention that it's just a gorgeous design all by itself!!

  7. Beautiful! Chic, romantic, and even a bit earthy. I love it!

  8. It's sweet m.e. and so is the story. that ribbon is lovely!

  9. So pretty and feminine, this is just a lovely design!