Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time for Tiny

Tiny Diamond Back Terrapin
It's Spring!
So of course,most jewelry designers are working on Summer!!!
To me Summer means,beach,ocean and scuba diving.
I have my favorite Summer bead themes:
starfish,angelfish ,shell fairies and sea turtles.
I am compelled to add detail to my beads.
Adding detail tends to make my designs grow very large.
I really do love making and wearing large beads.
All the better to create a bold statement piece my dear!
I have thought from time to time of making some much smaller pendants.But somehow,I never find much extra time to explore "new".

Recently my daughter began volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation facility .
This week she texted me a photo of the smallest critter she helps care for.
It's a teeny diamondback terrapin. Diamondbacks are the official state reptile of Maryland .Their shell patterns are Amazing !
This little guy took a wrong turn when he hatched . He will be allowed to grow a bit larger before he can safely released.  I apologize for the photo .I am not very savvy with phone to blog picture transfers

While I was being awed and amazed at the wonderful little turtle ,
my muse began shouting in my ear.
"HELLO ...Great tiny turtle here...make tiny turtles...NOW!!!"
When my muse gets inspired she will not shut up !
Might as well stop everything and go with the flow .
This week I made tiny turtles!
I did tweak the design inspiration  and make mine sea turtles
Since they were small ,I decided they worked well as beads.
I added a hole instead of a wire loop .Now they can be added to necklaces or bracelets  as unexpected components. Or by adding an eye pin and looping it, they work as a simple pendant

I am so thrilled to be able to follow the progress of this tiny turtle.
I am so thrilled to have had  this tiny unexpected inspiration.
this week
watch out for unexpected little inspirations
Bead Happy!  


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  1. Love the turtle story and the beads! Have missed your blog and its inspirational posts. I'm back after three months off. Look forward to catching up with you.