Friday, July 24, 2009


pardon me for starting your day with a cliche....
but, my children are my best creations ever!
Watching my daughter grow into a talented photographer is a wonder to me !
She has such passion and dedication .
The Butterfly Conservancy in Key West was an amazing adventure .
Zillions of butterfly jewels from all over the world in a tropical garden setting !
She was in photographers paradise ! She'll twist into any uncomfortable position and hold still forever to get the shot she's after !
At one point a guide stopped her to say"you have broken more rules than any visitor we've ever had! But, you're so dedicated to getting your photos ...go ahead !!! "
She explained she was being careful not damage the foliage.
But, she really wanted a photo of the Blue Morpo Butterfly !
Hard to do because they have rather dull brown outer wing color and seem to always rest with their wings folded shut .
"yes " said the guide "everybody wants a picture of that one ...but it's almost impossible to get"
hummmmmm.... oh yeah !
we stayed an extra hour...but, she got the shot !

Following a dream, takes patience and persistence
One must be willing to grow , change,and sometimes take risks, to reach a goal .

wonderful to watch my little caterpillar morphing.......
:) m.e. (proud mom )

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  1. And every reason to be proud - what an amazing shot she took!

    I loved this post, it made me smile and think about how proud I am of my children too.

    I love the shot of your daughter with the camera too!