Thursday, February 7, 2013

ABS February Challenge

Unexpected Spring

It's time for the February ABS challenge!
Long before I saw this month's art selection I was in  Spring mode!
Clay in an array of delicate pastels covered my work bench.
Spring is all about pinks, purples, sky blue...right?
Wait ...
Maybe not!
The wood block print by  Toshi Yoshida definitely said SPRING.
But, the color palette was very unexpected.
How did  shades that usually say Autumn to me, take me to a warm day in early Spring? To tell the truth I'm not sure!
But, I decided to see if I could use those colors  to create a necklace that would shout Spring when I wore it.
My starting point was a stash of wonderful rolled birch bark beads.
I love ,love ,love these beads!
I made some delicate apple blossom beads for my "branches".
I never pass up a chance to make a flower bead..LOL!
I tinted the beads in an slightly orange  tone rather than pure pink or white.
I decided my focal would be a heart. Spring is the time for romance after all .I textured the heart and it's companion beads to give a look reminiscent of  carved cinnabar.I realize that's more Chinese that Japanese. But, I hoped it would give my heart a bit of an oriental feel.
I had so much fun with the challenge of of using what I though to be unseasonal colors to create a decidedly seasonal piece .
I think this necklace will be perfect with an ivory linen dress !
I hope Spring comes soon!
this week
work in an unexpected color palette 
Bead Happy !


  1. M.E.,
    WOW, beautiful necklace! I can really see the inspirition artwork in your necklace. From the pretty orange-peach colors, the textures and the wood(tree) & blossoms into the beads and design. Your creativity is awesome! Also, I think this is the first time I've seen my larger beads being used in a jewelry project. Thanks so much for using my beads!!
    Mary :)

  2. The heart focal is adorable, and I'm in absolute love with those pink flowers. Awesome job! <3