Friday, January 18, 2013

One Thing Leads to Another

Rainbow Bridge

How did one thing lead to another  ?
While I was creating my piece for last week's "Memories and Thanks  Blog Hop" several things happened.
I made lots of  "Rainbow " beads for my shop and I still had some little bits leftover.
I noticed I had tons of small beads and earring findings.
I thought about Tyler's life .
I though about the donations in his memory that had been sent to a local animal rescue. "No Kill Harford "
and the results of my  thoughts....
I decided to made some small earring size pairs of beads with the leftover clay.
I decided to make a few pairs earrings .......
then a few more ...then tons more !
I decided to sell the earrings at work and give 100% of the profit to the rescue.
I realized earrings are an easy ,fun way for me to recharge between bead making sessions.
I really wanted to find a way I could contribute to the rescue .
I figured if  I spent $1 plus my time on a set of earrings , I could raise $5 for the rescue !
I had in mind using up the "don't fit my present style " beads in my vast stash.
That's how I started . But, then I saw some darling paw print charms on ETSY. So I hit "buy now"
Then  that evil temptress Ms. Items that might match your taste,  popped up more adorable pet themed beads ...and you guessed it. Instead of  thriftily using only beads I already owned ,I was buying more.
I'm very glad I did ! I thought maybe I missed prime time since I started my project after the holidays.
But ,the earrings are really selling . I added A "free" organza gift bag to each pair sold. $5 for a gift ready pair of OOAK earrings is a GOOD deal ! And the money goes to a great cause.
It's surely a win win situation !
I started my bead journey for myself .
Beads have opened many doors of friendship and fun for me .
I am please they have also offered me a way to help a cause I believe in.
this week
Bead for a Cause
and Bead Happy !


  1. I love these earrings the beautiful colours you have used remind me of our wonderful sunsets over the sea, how nice you were inspired by your memories post to create even more!