Saturday, August 18, 2012

Work Weekend

Mallory Square Sunset

I have been blogging since 5/10/2009.
When I began ,I challenged myself to posting  a new entry every Saturday morning. I love the weekly connection to  all my beadie friends. Usually I have to revise ,revise ,revise to keep from rambling on and on.
However, this week  my day job was short staffed and I ended up working a zillion hours !
well.... more than 40 anyway....
So this is my version of the popular "wordless Wednesday " blog entries.
I have to get ready to go to my "pay the bills "job again today !!!
Since I am my own boss in bead world, I am taking a personal day .
I hope you enjoy the photos !

this week
if your are your own boss
allow yourself a personal day
relax, refresh
and Bead Happy !
Key West Sunsets


  1. Hi M.E.
    Beautiful photos! I am working this weekend also.

  2. oh those photos are just beautiful! what an amazing view .... I do miss sunsets over the water now that I live East. thanks for sharing :)