Saturday, August 25, 2012


Screech Owl Baby

It is no secret that  my bead  designs  are inspired by nature.
For goodness sake most of my designs are flowers!
Critters from land and sea appear in my work quite often too.
Usually these creations are inspired by first hand encounters in fields,forest or while scuba diving.
But, this week's beads  are in honor of little survivors at the wildlife rehabilitation facility were my daughter is a volunteer .

Each week she has tales to tell me about  new arrivals and the progress of  current patients.
Last weekend while she was  vacationing on Tybee Island  Ga. she assisted in a pigeon rescue.
Several onlookers had pulled the dazed bird from  the ocean .
Certainly not normal pigeon habitat !
Because of her volunteer  work she knows a bit of animal first aid .
After determining "probably no  broken bones " and no open wounds,
she tried  to find a local wildlife facility . But, it turned out there was none on the island and the closest one on the mainland was already closed . Nothing to do but wait til morning .
Please note ...
Injured wild life needs to be cared for by a licensed rehabilitator.
Please don't try to care for wild critters at home .
It can be dangerous for them and dangerous for you .

Luckily the wildlife rehab in Maryland talked her though  how to care for the bird over night .And in the morning....
the BEST thing !
The pigeon was perching on the shower curtain rod looking perky , pecky  and ready to go home  !
The wildlife people speculate a predator knocked it out of the sky and it was too stunned to fly out of the ocean.
Happily the  pigeon was able to be released .
It took a few uncertain steps ,turned as if to say goodbye and flew off high into the clouds.

Hopefully the little Screech owl fledgling, now residing at the wildlife center, will also fly to freedom some day very soon.
His great little face was my inspiration for the week !
This week
Add a bit of nature to your creations
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  1. great post! that poor little owl looks so scared, but how wonderful to have a wildlife rehabilitation facility where they know how to care for these creatures! And how amazing that your daughter was there for that little pigeon - she did a fantastic job! Love your owls .. they are wonderful

  2. Hi M.E.,
    Amazing story I do so love happy endings. It was a good thing for the pigeon that your Daughter was in the right place at the right time. I love your inspired owl pieces they are so cute and each has it's own personality.

  3. That little owl, and the little owls you made are adorable! I must say, I'm not usually a fan of the owl motif, especially the cartoony-looking ones - yours are not cartoony, they're just very, very cute!

  4. Yay, more owlies! They're adorable, and so is the screech owl. :)