Saturday, July 21, 2012


A Ripple in Time

This is my daughter Annie's entry in the National Geographic photo contest.
It's her first  time entering such a prestigious contest .
 A big leap in her creative  journey.
I am a very proud mom!!!
(Any "likes " or "tweets " would be very much appreciated ) 

This week also marked a milestone in my beadie endeavors.
I made sale # 1000 on ETSY !
One thousand sales reflect many hours spent making and marketing my beads. Technically bead making is just my hobby, it doesn't really pay many of the bills. Of  course the IRS takes a different view, part  of my beadie income goes to them. But,I still keep my job as a veterinary receptionist.That assures the lights stay on and food is on the table !

No matter how big or small the profit, it is not a measurement the rewards my bead sales bring me . I can't measure the fulfillment I feel  bringing my clay creations to life.The connections I have made with the worldwide bead community bring me so much happiness.
The friendships begun over beads are treasures.
When I made sale 1000, I did, for just a moment ,think how many extra treats for my grandchildren  and family scuba diving trips  my bead money helped finance. But, then I reflected on the fulfillment and joy
on- line selling has brought to my crafting ventures.At risk of sounding like a t.v. commercial, my bead connections are truly "priceless" .
Was my motivation to sell about making money ... yes
But, what has  kept me making and marketing beads ?
I makes me HAPPY!
What keeps you active in the online community ?
this week reflect on your own motivation
 Bead Happy !


  1. lovely post. have 'liked' and 'tweeted' for Annie :)

  2. A superb picture the reflections are lovely, I hope Annie does well. See you at the big reveal.