Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Bead Soup for August 11 Blog Hop

My Bead Soup from Sarah

Once again Lori Anderson ,Bead Souper Hero,
 has organized a fabulous Bead Soup bead exchange and blog hop .
 Since the blog hop is now  bigger and better than ever, this summer there will be three reveal dates.
I will be posting my design on August  11 . I am sooooo excited !!!
 My partner is Sarah of saturdaysequins.She makes wonderful jewelry.
Just look at the gorgeous components she sent me !
I am in LOVE with  her handmade heart focal and matching clasp .
She picked my very favorite colors. I also am a big fan of copper.
I wear it all the time .Copper is supposed to help arthritis pain.
I'm not sure if it helps my arthritis . But, I do love the beautiful patina it develops with frequent wear. I wear jewelry that makes me feel happy. When my day gets me down ,one look at my beads makes me smile.

Just in case you think Sarah made my soup too easy for me
(the exchange is about thinking outside our comfort zones after all)
I rarely work with delicate wire wrap or small beads. And I never use sequins ! So I do have my work cut out for me !
 I already have an idea . The question is now can I make it work ?
 I actually cook the same way I make jewelry. I just start with some ingredients that seem to go together . Then I add some of this and some of that. I take a taste or a look and decide what to add or subtract .
Of course, subtracting is  easier with beads than beans and veges !
I know some people are recipe followers .They carefully measure and plan.They sketch  their designs and make adjustments on paper before they begin. This no doubt saves a good deal of beading wire  and frustration! I wish I could design in an organized way. But, my muse is a tad disorganized.Sometimes she even changes inspiration right in the middle of  creating !
Are you a recipe follower or a random arranger ?
 Does it really matter?
In the end the important thing is that your design makes you happy.
this week
stay tuned for bead soup updates and inspiration
Bead Happy!
Sarah's Bead Soup from m.e.


  1. wonderful soup! have fun designing! I am absolutely the same as you. I cook with several cookbooks open at once and alter the recipe somewhere in between. I have a tendency to do the same with beading. I use books and patterns to get the creative juices going, but I almost never make it exactly like the book!

  2. Your soups are both pretty! Love the wire wrapped focal and the fiber beads... I too kind of follow a muse without a plan. It ususally works!

  3. thanks for the comments on the diamond drill - would love to hear your advice. that was what I was looking at but seemed daunting!

  4. Oh I'm totally random in my cooking and creating. Even if it's recipe or pattern, I read enough to get the general idea then do my own thing anyhow lol

    Btw, I included one of your rose pendants and heart toggles in the Soup I sent my partner. Actually, I built the entire soup around those two ingredients ;)

    ( And ewwww .. you have CAPTCHA :P lol )

  5. I'm so glad that you like your soup! The copper components were a lot of fun to make.

    I can't wait to see what you do with everything! If there are any sequin-related questions I can answer as you carry out your idea, email me. :)

    -- Sarah

    (Who loves her owl.)

  6. What wonderful soups there should be some great inspiration here, my reveal days is August 11th too!