Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pick a Favorite !!!

the PCAGOE October challenge theme is "favorite artist "
voting begins Oct 1 Check out the members great entries !!!
you could win prize just for voting !!!

Picking an artist was all BIG challenge for me !
I have a favorite soft drink ,a favorite laundry detergent ...even a favorite brand of peanut butter .
But , a favorite artist ???
Some art makes me think ,some inspires me . Sometimes I wonder at the skill of the artist . Sometimes I wonder at the artist's vision . Art can elicit strong emotion . Art can even entertain. I believe valid art can be pretty for just for pretty's sake . Art can tell us about the world ,the artist, ourselves . All that is ... all that can be imagined .........

Should I pick a great master, a contemporary artist ....maybe a folk artist ?
A painter ,sculptor...maybe a jewelry designer ???

Impossible !!!! I could NOT pick a favorite artist !!!

In the end I decided to make a tiny ballerina pendant inspired by Degas
One of his sculptures stood in the entrance hall at the Baltimore Art museum when I was a child .
That little Ballerina pointed the way to my appreciation of Art .
My entry is tribute to her as well as her creator, Degas.

Who my favorite artist is seems to depend on time, place and my mood
At the present one of my very favorites is my 5 year old granddaughter,Caroline .
Her art brings me great joy !!! Below her portrait of me!
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

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